Capital One Wallet App Reviews

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Nice and Easy

Love it


Its a good app to have. The finger print scan to get into it makes it one fast and convenient.

One satisfied customer

Overall as I been rebuilding my credit, I have been very pleased with capital one mobile app. All transactions shows up right away and always accurate. So convenient to use just one swipe away. I appreciate the loyalty and trust with the company. Thanks

Fraud uncovered. . .

Very helpful app. Today I discovered fraud within a few seconds and called immediately because if this apps very nice.

One problem

Awesome app but I dont like the face you have to have Apple Pay set up to make a payment


There are problems in using groups. Multiple (5) groups does not work properly. Data is lost.

App is working well!

We used this for farmers market and works great.


Cap. One.. How bout an update to pay your bill with this app?? Other than that super great app!!

Quick set-up and easy to use

I love it so far! 5 star for the quick and easy set-up - love being able to see the automatic deposit of my paycheck. Great app!

Great app

Does exactly what it says it does.

Love this app!!

Great app

Easy to use

Wish I could schedule a bill pay on it; but overall its a good app that I use often

Love it!

Great app! Works consistently. Easy to use.

Awesome App!

This App is awesome! Its easy to use and I love the way it breaks down transactions etc. It is easily accessible with the touch id feature.

Very Convenient

Love this app.

Most convenient!

I love this app! It is so easy and convenient to use. I can check my card anytime and it never fails me.

Love this Card !

I use it to pay for everything ! And pay off the balance monthly! And get my cash back !

Flawless app

Credit Watch is absolutely and totally useless since its a Vantage score. NO ONE uses Vantage, not even CapOne. I dislike that dishonest gimmick. App itself is phenomenal. Easy to use. Fast. Simple.

Capital One is Great!!

I appsolultly love Capital One and their apps. Being a mortgage loan officer, i recommend to all my clients who are in need of building/establishing credit that they start the process by applying for a capital one card. The features that come with this app, whether its temporary freezing ur card, making payments; or my favorite,instant payment notification, make it very easy for someone new to the credit world to manage their finances. Great Job Capital One!

Clear, direct

Good app. Not annoying with too many notifications. Good direct design

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