Capital One Wallet App Reviews

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Convenient Savings

I was meaning to erase a recent hotel stay and then got busy & forgot. I happened to open this app just to check up on things and there was the hotel charge all ready to be erased. It was significant and I hadnt realized there was a 90 day limit to the purchase eraser feature so it really was convenient and saved me a lot. You will like this one!


Best app ever. This app is my favorite!! I can turn my card on & off, pay, check on balance.. I can do everything with this app!!

Easy to track purchases and potential fraud!

I sure like the instant notifications, and I mean like before I leave the register

Nailed It

Absolutely terrific job on this app, very easy to switch between banking and credit card couldnt ask for an easier to use app.

Great app

This app is very convenient no problems so far.


I rarely write reviews for apps but I must say that this is a well designed app thats simple, easy to navigate and informative. I get real-time notifications of all transactions and I can easily see my transaction history and balance.


Love it , its a wallet right in your phone. Very accurate and the finger scanning works great

Best Card App Ever!!

I have tried too many credit cards in my lifetime. FINALLY, I have found the Best card with the absolute best real-time information. The website navigation is so user friendly and easy to navigate. Thank you Spark for constantly improving your product!!

Thanks, Capital One

Finally, I found the best gift card organizer.

Amazing UI

Its an amazing app that has the perfect GUI. It would be great if the GUI is applied to capital One App as well.

Great Company

Capital one gives everyone a second chance to have good credit score. The have great apps to go with your account. I have used them off and on and can not be happier.

Good start

The app is great for up to date information on your account and fraud monitoring, but you cannot use it to make a payment so whats the point of a separate app I need to use for that?

Great App

I have use this for a couple years now, and I really appreciate it. I would not like to do without it. I especially appreciate the immediate notification of any charges made, especially when traveling in foreign countries - helps me to ensure the conversion rate used and the charge or appropriate

Cap one wallet app is great!

Great app, very user friendly. Ease of access to manage your cards is a major plus! 5 stars!

Great app!

Easy, fast, and simple to use!!!


Great app. Very responsive and move the grouping feature.


So easy and accurate to use


Great app Cap one. I love it. At the moment of transaction I am notified of details with various angles and options from which to choose from.


I can make a payment from any other app. This one forces me to use Apple Pay. My debit card is not supported by that.


The App is the best thing that happened in my life, convenient an reliable!

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